LAN Administration

LAN Administration

Active Directory Integration

MSI Configuration

Browse your AD tree directly from Remote Utilities and access domain computers right away using Windows credentials. Make the deployment easier by pre-configuring Remote Utilities and defining the settings prior to installation.


Friendly Upgrade Policy

The Remote Utilities address book can hold over 50 000 records, which has been tested in a real environment with one of our customers. Upgrading is always an option, but never an obligation. All customers get free lifetime minor upgrades and one year of free major upgrades.

Unattended Access

Multiple Access Permissions

Remote Utilities grants you unattended access to your remote computers from anywhere - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Set different permissions for different users and groups according to the tasks they need to do on the remote PC.

Lifetime License

Easy Update

Pay the license fee once and use the program forever. There are no recurring subscriptions or hidden fees. With just a few clicks in a single management console you can update all your Remote Utilities installations remotely.

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