A new Beta version of Remote Utilities 6.12 has been released, which includes several long-awaited features. Import to RU Server from Active Directory was added, the File Transfer connection mode was significantly improved, and the program interface was adapted for high-resolution monitors among other things.

Import from Active Directory to RU Server

How it used to be

Fetching computers from Active Directory directly into the Viewer (see the figure below) has always been available in Remote Utilities. Up until now this has been the only method of RU/AD integration, and not without its drawbacks. Fetch from Active Directory to Viewer

The lack of the imported address book synchronization between several Viewers was the biggest issue. Each administrator had to set up Active Directory integration in their own Viewer.

Besides, the target address book records were not directly editable — there were no connection properties that you could change. You had to "convert" those records into regular address book records with editable properties. This led to unnecessary duplication and management costs.