Using Multiple Operating Systems on the Same Network

What’s your preferred operating system? What would you do if somebody told you not to use that operating system? While many people make this adjustment automatically as part of their jobs, there is a growing number of businesses out there that gives their employees freedom to use their operating system of choice. It can be challenging, but it is possible to combine Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on the same network if that is what you desire.

Why Do This?

Before you start mixing and matching operating systems, it is worth asking why you should bother mixing and matching operating systems on a business network. There are a few reasons to consider this system. It gives employees more comfort with their work computers, since they can use the same settings at work that they use at home. That level of continuity is valuable. It also allows you to tailor your office hardware to the needs of individual employees. For example, an accountant might make the most out of a Windows platform, but a graphic designer might be able to use the strong hardware and rich features available with Mac OS X. It is possible to cater to the needs of both employees.


Alternatives to Windows and How to Make them Work for your Network

Most businesses use Microsoft Windows in some form or another, but it is not the only operating system out there. Whether for business reasons, compatibility purposes, or just personal preference, some companies choose to use an alternative operating system for their business network, such as Linux, Apple’s Mac OSX, or Novell’s NetWare. Is this a move you should make? What are the possible implications? Read on to find out more about these alternatives.

Why Seek an Alternative?

If Windows is so popular, why would anybody seek an alternate system? There are a number of answers to this, and it usually boils down to business needs and personal preference. First of all, it’s important to remember that Windows isn’t used because it is unquestionably the best operating system out there, but rather because it is most convenient to many users. It comes bundled on most computers, which means that those who don’t want to look for alternatives have something suitable right in front of them. However, there are other systems that work better in some ways than Windows. Mac OS, for example is ideal for design work, while Linux offers more customization.


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