FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is one of the more popular ways to transfer large amounts of data fr om computer to computer. The protocol allows for a variety of different security options, making it less likely that you will experience a loss of information or a breach by hackers. Setting up a server built on FTP can involve a little bit of work, but many businesses benefit from the ease of use and rapid information transfer that such a server offers.

What is the Value of an FTP Server?

An FTP server is not for everybody, but it is a great tool that more and more companies can make use of. People who will get the most use out of an FTP server are the ones who have a lot of files that regularly get passed through their company from day to day. For example, anybody who deals in public relations or photography likely has a large store of files coming in every day that need to be moved and edited by different users. Most servers have a lim it on the number of file transfers that can occur at one time or the size that each file can be at. FTP sidesteps these limits, allowing much larger and many more transfers. Whether you want to move files, media, or software, this is a way to do it quickly.