Usoris Systems Releases Version 5.4 with Remote Printing and Enhanced RDP Support


Victoria, Seychelles - Usoris Systems, the leader in remote desktop software for managed remote access and remote support, today announced that the new version 5.4 of Remote Utilities was released.

The most prominent addition in version 5.4 is the remote printing feature. Now the user can easily print a remote document on their local printer even if they do not have the software where the document originated from installed on their system. Remote printing is available in the Free Edition too – yet another proof that the Free edition of Remote Utilities is more capable than many paid tools out there.

Another new feature which can be especially useful for system administrators is the ability to connect in the RDP mode while using the Internet ID firewall bypass technology. Previously, Remote Utilities could only be used as an RDP client for a direct IP connection whereas now the program can work as a fully-fledged transport for an RDP connection.

Marat Magomedov, CEO says “With every release we get one step closer to an ideal remote desktop program as we envision it. Our users keep sending feature requests and these help us tremendously in adjusting our roadmap. This version was no exception – almost all new features and improvements are based on suggestions sent earlier by our customers.”

The Viewer interface has been further improved in version 5.4. In addition there is now a connection log in the Viewer which shows connection progress and helps with troubleshooting. Finally, the product is now available in two different pricing models – per operator and per remote PC.

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