About Usoris Systems

Usoris Systems, founded in 2009, is a small group of professional software developers committed to creating the best possible software application for remote access. We are able to compete successfully with industry giants, despite their large investments in PR and marketing.

Our company motto is: Ferrata. Fidelis Constans. (Ironclad. Firmly Loyal.) With ironclad persistence we continue to progress, remaining dedicated to our clients and our business.

About Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is our company’s flagship product. It is designed for remote access to computers either through a local area network or through the Internet. The software includes a large variety of functions, yet is simple enough to use in non-professional environments.

Main features:

  • Full access to a remote computer, screen viewing, mouse and keyboard control
  • File transfer capability, command line mode, registry editing, task manager control of personal computers and much more.
  • A hierarchical structure in the connection list, and also full support of Active Directory, with automatic uploads of computers from Active Directory (when it is present)
  • Complete encryption of transmitted data, three types of authorization, text and voice chat, proxy server support and the ability to bypass firewalls for quick connection through the Internet

A complete list of functionality is accessible here.

Remote Utilities is used by organizations and individuals throughout the world, and our product has garnered many positive comments. We receive many suggestions on ways to improve our product, and we are constantly working to implement new ideas.

The following types of users find value in our product:

  • Network administrators in small and medium sized businesses, as well as in large companies
  • Entrepreneurs whose business relies on remote support of users
  • Professionals whose schedule forces them to telecommute or frequently change work locations
  • Home users

You can get in touch with us using the contact information on this page. We are glad to welcome new users!

Legal address

Usoris Systems LLC,
103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza
0091 Victoria, Seychelles

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