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Remote Access Software

Thanks to the Internet, it’s capable to do some pretty impressive things with our computers. Many professionals that work with electronics have turned to remote access to solve some problems, save money, and work more efficiently.

What Exactly Is Remote Access?

Remote access is essentially just what it sounds like it is. It allows a user to perform operations on one computer from another computer in a completely separate location. Typically, the computer on which the user is stationed is known as the Viewer. The other computer is known as the Host in most cases. Just about every Windows equipped personal computer has this capability by way of a program known as Remote Desktop Connection. When this program is engaged, the Viewer can use his or her computer to perform keystrokes and mouse input that will register on the Host computer, who’s desktop can also be seen by the Viewer computer’s user.

Remote Access Software

Digital Connection across Many, Many Miles

This digital connection allows for work to be performed on a computer even if the individual performing the work is not in the near vicinity. This can be great for fixing a computer that’s just a few doors down the hall, or for performing software upgrades on a machine that actually sits on the opposite side of the continent. Remote Utilities is one of the best remote access software options on the market, and offers a huge amount of speed and security when it comes to performing operations, sending data, and other remote computer access functions.

Choose the Software That’s Best for You

As there are a wide variety of options available, it’s important to be discerning and pick the option that will be suit whatever type of budget is available. Just like other types of computer programs, different varieties of remote usage software have different levels of functionality, security features, and other capabilities. Of course, some professionals might use all these. If you’re looking into this technology for some relatively casual home use, however, it might be smart to save your money and avoid paying for a ton of features that you might not ever wind up using.

Have Complete Access with “Full Control” Mode

One of the most basic uses of remote access software is called “full control” mode. This is a straightforward way of using software like Remote Utilities and it involves the user of the Viewer computer essentially taking control of the Host computer. This allows the Viewer user to do a variety of things like providing remote assistance, transferring files, and much more. The user at the Viewer computer will have a full view of the Host computer’s desktop, and can access any files on the host computer. This functionality also typically allows for the dragging and dropping of files from one computer to the other, which makes file transfer incredibly simple.

Easily Send and Receive with Dedicated Transfer Mode

Of course, many similar programs will heavily feature a functionality that is simply dedicated to the sending and receiving of large files. Many professionals need to send and receive files that are too large for email, and cloud services like DropBox can often wind up being way too costly. Remote desktop software can help you connect two computers even if they’re on opposite sides of the globe, and transfer files and information as if you’re using something as simple as a USB thumb drive. The dedicated transfer option on Remote Utilities, for example, gives the user an incredibly easy to navigate side-by-side view of the contents of both computers, making transfers a snap.

Multiple Monitors Support

Work on Multiple Computers, All at Once

IT professionals are definitely among the biggest users of software that allows for the remote Internet access of other computers. Most IT professionals have to deal with an entire network, not to mention every single computer that’s attached to it. This usually means a lot of work, especially if the aforementioned IT professional has to move from module to module in order to work. With a service like Remote Utilities, things like network updates and troubleshooting can be easily completed from a single location minimizing the time it takes to solve each and every problem. Not only this, but remote support capabilities make software updates as easy as they can possibly be.

Virtual Helpdesk for Software Companies

Many times, software companies release expensive and sometimes complicated software. Of course, it’s completely understandable that some customers will have issues and that there may be kinks that need working out. With the right remote access software, a software or electronics company can have its help desk professionals simply connect with the computer in question and fix the issue from a remote location. This removes stress from consumers who aren’t tech savvy, and allows employees to trouble shoot quickly, efficiently, and with minimal deliberation.

Is Remote Computer Access Always Going to Be Safe?

Basically, every type of remote access computer software that’s available comes with built-in security measures. Your information is extremely valuable and it’s important that users are able to send and receive information without the worry that it’ll be compromised. Of course, different software options come with different security features; it’s important to pick one that will suit the level of sensitivity your work involves.

Encryption is Key When It Comes to Safety

Most remote PC access programs will use something known as encryption to make sure that third parties can’t see any of the information being transferred between the Viewer and Host computers. Not all programs will actually include encryption; in fact, many free options available online do not. However, paying a bit more for the added peace of mind is something that most tech professionals would prefer. It’s certainly possible to find good free remote PC access options online that don’t come with an encryption option, but making sure your information is protected is always a solid idea.

The Internet is making it easier and easier to do work remotely, and with the right remote PC access software, you can access the computer you need to access from anywhere in the world. All you need is to find the right software for you.

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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