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Remote Webcam

The Remote Webcam connection mode allows you to capture video and sound from a web camera attached to a remote PC (Host) and transmit data to the local PC (Viewer). You can watch a live broadcast from your remote web camera and hear sound captured by the remote microphone. You can also save the captured video to a file for later viewing.

When you initiate a remote webcam connection mode you will see the following window:

Remote Camera mode
Remote Camera mode

The toolbar offers several options for this connection mode. For example, you can enable/disable video or sound capturing or start/stop recording the video onto a file. By clicking the Stretch button, you can stretch the screen or switch back to a non-stretched 1:1 view.

The Remote webcam and Microphone buttons have drop-down menus where you can select a specific device attached to the remote PC. This comes in handy when there are several multimedia devices. For example, you can switch between a built-in camera microphone and a stand-alone microphone connected directly to the remote PC.

With the Remote Webcam mode you can turn your remote PC with webcam into a video surveillance system. You don´t need a static or even a public IP address and can use the easily configurable Internet ID connection.

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