Remote Utilities 5.4 has been released


We are happy to announce the release of Remote Utilities 5.4. The new version includes remote printing and RDP over ID. Our users have been asking for these two features for quite a while, and now we are delivering them. Earlier in our blog we published feature previews for remote printing and RDP over ID.

Among other new features, there is an updated Viewer toolbar, which we have de-cluttered and streamlined. In addition, the Viewer now shows a connection log, which allows you to troubleshoot connection problems more easily. Finally, there are numerous minor improvements and fixes.

We have also decided to simplify our licensing. Starting at version 5.4 there are no feature limitations in the Helpdesk license when compared with Enterprise. Previously, you could not establish a direct IP connection or use NTLM authentication with a Helpdesk license. Now you can.

Currently, the only difference between Helpdesk and Enterprise is in the pricing structure of the two products. For example, if you purchase an Enterprise license you pay per remote PC and can have unlimited operators work with your registered PCs. On the other hand, if you purchase a Helpdesk license, you pay per operator but you can have unlimited remote installations. You only have to decide which pricing structure is more cost effective in your situation. In both cases you receive complete program functionality. Nothing can be simpler and more flexible.

Here’s a little surprise for our Helpdesk customers. In order to use direct IP address connection and NTLM authentication, the existing Helpdesk users need only to upgrade to the new version 5.4. No re-issuing of the existing licenses is needed.

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